Felician Represented at WBCA/USMC Leadership Camp


by Kristen Keller '18, Felician College Sports Information Student Assistant


Felician College assistant women's basketball coach Juliette George recently spent some time training like a marine.

In late May, George spent four days at the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Leadership Camp in Quantico, Va. The invitation-only camp is run annually by the Marine Corps in partnership with the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) with a dual goal – informing the coaches about career opportunities available for their student-athletes in the USMC, and them new ways to lead their student-athletes.

Coach George was one of 23 assistant coaches that were selected to go to Quantico this year. She was alongside staff members from all three NCAA divisions, including such major programs as Penn State University, Louisiana State University, and Tulane University.

Each day, the coaches were given detailed schedules, even including what attire should be worn at each event. The first day did not have many events planned. The day's highlight was the introductory dinner that took place at the hotel.
Throughout the camp, the instructors familiarized the coaches with the core principles and values of the USMC. This was done via obstacle courses, guest speakers, and visits to places such as the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
One of Coach George's favorite events was the leadership reaction course. During this activity, the coaches broke up into teams of four. They were then provided with different situations that they had to solve within ten minutes.

Their schedules may have been busy, but that did not stop the coaches from getting to know one another. Throughout the entire camp, all 23 coaches acted as one team. The only moments these coaches did not spend together happened when they slept. They ate all meals and performed every activity together.

"There were lots of jokes and laughs, but there were also a lot of serious moments to appreciate and learn from," George said.  "We would cheer each other on and push each other to do the best that we could to overcome every obstacle.
George also came away with a new respect for the marines.
"They taught us qualities to try to instill in our athletes, such as courage, integrity, honesty, and working as a team," she said. "This experience allowed us to learn how others create unity, leadership, and learning environments that we could incorporate within our trade so that we could be more effective at what we do"
One concept that George plans to bring back to Felician is nurturing leadership into her student-athletes in a more effective way. She also learned how to approach situations differently in order for her athletes to learn, lead, and grow without a coach constantly reinforcing a certain skill or play.
"I really appreciated the process that each marine goes through to reach their potential, as well as the high morals and principles that are at the core of what the Marines are all about," she said.  

"This experience was so enriching and to share it with fellow coaches made it memorable. Learning never stops."